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A diverse early talent community from across the UK.


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Connect with our Diverse Audience via skills & interests.

Sort's >630k users are self-starters - highly engaged young people, taking charge of their futures.

They're people who want to make things happen for themselves, the leaders of the future.

And, they're a diverse group, from a wide range of backgrounds, but with the shared ambition to be better prepared for their future lives.

We can help you reach out to and engage your future workforce via their skills and passions.


Designed with Young People

We believe in great design, and great design is always based on the needs of the user. That's why we have a Youth Advisory Panel who inform all aspects of platform design and our communication strategy.

Our Youth Advisory Panel:

  • A diverse range of young people from across the UK,
  • providing regular feedback on product features and content,
  • to help make Sort great!

"Sort is the ultimate career discovery platform! I have been exposed to job titles and career paths I hadn’t heard of and broadened my prospects. It's fun and simple to navigate - an enjoyable experience."


Muna, Youth Advisory Panel Member.