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Sort is a community of ambitious. young professionals - a majority of whom are either finishing up formal education or in their first job. 

Through the Sort algorithm, you can widen your search area and find candidates that match across 28 unique criteria. This results in much better quality candidates coming through, who stay longer with your company.

Like a dating site, but for recruitment


Go beyond the CV to find real connection

The Sort Career Personality is built off of proven scientific methods (i.e. Holland codes) to categorise interests, attitudes and aspirations for career builders.

You can identify talent by the stats you will find on their CV. However, we go well beyond that and allow you to find talent by the things you won't find on any CV.

A deeper search at a lower cost than any other platform - because we believe that talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not.

Build your pipeline, even when you're not actively hiring

Want to create sponsored content for a targeted audience (including 100k+ email subscribers)? We've got that.

Want to serve targeted ads for people interested in a particular career, industry or job (including those from your competitors?) We've got that.

Want to run local events or hackathons where we bring a Gen Z audience to solve a real world business challenge? Got that too!

Sort offers numerous ways for you to engage a young and diverse community of professionals, and build brand recognition.


What makes the Sort community unique?


" We are delighted to have just made our first hire with Sort!

We've been working with Sort on a major client campaign to encourage girls and women into engineering.

We chose Sort as their DEI stats are strong in comparison to other platforms, and we see the longer term employer brand benefits in addition to the job postings."

Heather Niblett, Talent Brand Lead, Talent Works.

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